the wonder app that cuts down your daily efforts by half

The Smart Edge !

The Smart Parent Login System is a staff-friendly and parent-friendly mobile app specially customized for smart schools. It is buit for the Android mobile phone which almost everyone has today. The parent login system is based on a secured login authentication system. you can access instant information on students or staff anytime. Fee ccollection gets automated and hassle-free.

  • image No queues for fees

    Now parents need not crowd around the school admin office to pay fee.Parent Login System automates fee collection. Parents can pay fee online or relevent bank and get an acknowledfement at the same time !.

  • image Daily SMS Alerts

    The school can contact parents, Students and staff by sending an SMS! Parents will get SMS alerts daily about homework and other developments in school.

  • image Timely posts by school

    Parents are aware of events, Last minute cancellations and other information posted by the School Administration.

  • image Know the teacher

    The App Displays a list of subject teachers and provides information about them.Parents get to know which teacher to contact subject-wise.
  • imageView student reports

    Parent Login System offers automated performance reports in a tabular and graph form. Parents can view daily reports and trace the progress of the child's performance through the graph. The helps to keep an eye on the students' overall academic progress.
  • imageChat with the teacher

    Today's smart children have smart parents who want to be involved in their day-to-day learning process.Now,you can hold a parent-teacher meeting every day. the app enables parents to get in touch with the teacher and discuss ways to help the child do better.
  • image Easy access of information

    School Admin can get information about a student or staff member with the help of search engine very quickly.
  • imageEasy posting for teachers

    Teachers can post assignment ,notes,important links and useful material on the app.So students and parents can access it easily on time.
  • image Track Attendance

    An attendance tracking system enables the school to keep track of the leaves taken by students or staff. Parents are also aware if children have reached school safely or not.