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The Smart Edge !

The Smart Parent Login System is a staff-friendly and parent-friendly mobile app specially customized for smart schools. It is buit for the Android mobile phone which almost everyone has today. The parent login system is based on a secured login authentication system. you can access instant information on students or staff anytime. Fee ccollection gets automated and hassle-free.

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    In recent period due to the rapid changes taken place in the field of Information & Technology, “Mobile Apps” have emerged and beaten the Computer / Laptops (Web portals). Now communication of academic information of students directly to their parents where ever they are has become much easier, safer and quicker than sending with the earlier mode i.e., Computer or Laptop by the use of School Mobile Apps. Use of the “Mobile App” is feasible and very convenient to the staff members and also for the parents to get the communications sent by the school, directly on their Mobile Phones where ever they are.

    Our “Mobile app” is customized to meet your requirements since every school is different. The following are some common features for you to view:
  • Parent Login Mobile App

    Student Information:

    Who ever parent Login the Parent Login Mobile App, in Student Information option, details of his child i.e., Student Name, Photo, Residential address, Parent’s E-mail ID, Date of Birth, Gender, Blood group, Identification marks, Name of First Language, Mother Tongue, Names of parents, their qualifications, occupations and Mobile numbers are shown.

    Subject Teachers:

    If you click on the “Subject Teachers” menu option, names of all the subject wise instructors together with their images are displayed, who teaches your child in the class. It facilitates parents to identify the teachers and interact if necessary on the student’s academic issues.

    Daily Reports:

    On entering the “Daily Report” option, it enlightens details of the lessons taught daily subject wise in the class and can also be seen date wise. Home works: If you select the Home works option, this Menu option displays date wise and subject-wise details of the Home works assigned to the student in the class are displayed.


    This menu option is useful to the parents to communicate with the teachers of their child. They can express their views and valuable suggestions on the matters relating to the pedagogic skills of the teachers. If a click is made on the “Start Communication” option, list of all teachers of the class is displayed. Parents can communicate with the teacher by selecting teacher’s name.

    Special Efforts:

    What ever the special efforts taken by teachers, by taking special classes to bring up the weak student, are displayed.

    Message to the Principal:

    This Menu option is intended for parents to ask the Principal only on genuine and useful problems, if any. This could be any important issue or suggestion for providing further amenities to students, or on the way of teaching or behavior of faculty, any thing on academic issues.

    Login Records:

    Date-wise details of logins made by parents are displayed.


    This menu option is useful for parents to send their suggestions and comments, if any on the functionality of the parent Login Mobile App.